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What is a TM44 Inspection?

If your property has air conditioning systems totalling a capacity of over 12kW, then by law, you must have a TM44 regulations inspection every 5 years. The law was passed in 2011 and to comply with it, you’ll have to ensure that an energy assessor carries out a thorough inspection of your air conditioning units.

What happens during an inspection?

The energy assessor will go through:

  • The efficiency of the system
  • A Sizing review
  • Advice on future improvements
  • Replacements advice, if needed

The assessor will firstly look at each piece of equipment and their controls thoroughly. As there are many different types of system, the assessor may request any documentation accompanying the system for assistance.

You’ll be told if your system is a suitable size to be energy efficient for your environment and the assessor will share any advice and guidance to help you care for your system. For outdoor units, it’s important you make sure there is easy access for the assessor.

Some parts of more complex systems may not be possible to view with a general inspection, but as a guide, here’s what your assessor should be able to look at during their inspection:

  • Air flow rate
  • Set temperatures of the system
  • Time periods of these temperatures
  • The location of control sensors
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Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance and Testing
Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance and Testing

What is the Report?

When theTM44 inspection is complete, you’ll usually receive a report detailing the findings with any areas for improvement. This may involve cleaning filters, for example, or even recommendations for component replacements. You should take these recommendations on board to ensure your system continues to run effectively and efficiently at all times.

These can include:

  • Any faults that were identified in the system
  • Adequacy of equipment
  • Suggestions for improvement of installed controls and control settings

The report should also mention the following:

  • The name of the assessor
  • The address of the building holding the air conditioning system
  • The
  • date of inspection

What happens if I don’t comply with the inspection?

The inspection is an important part of owning an air conditioning system. Non-compliance with this law can result in a financial penalty for yourself, or a landlord or tenant depending on the circumstances. Failing to comply can also result in solicitor hold ups in property transactions when requesting documentation.

  • A lack of an air conditioning TM44 report will result in a £300 fine
  • If you fail to present a copy of a report when requested, there will be a £200 fine

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